Tips for How to Find a Job After College

Finding a Job After College

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I’ve been hearing many stories long ago about people who’ve spent five  to ten million Naira on a college education only to learn that finding a job is anything but given.

My local newspaper caught my eye recently featuring many of these students, including one who had graduated from well-known university in Nigeria but still couldn’t find a job in his field. He was working as a janitor. Luckily, he had received financial aid and didn’t have any loans to pay off. Others, however, aren’t so lucky. There are students with a tremendous amount of debt who are unable to find jobs in their field and resort to working odd jobs and living with their parents, hoping to land their dream job.

So, what’s going on? Certainly the economy has been struggling and younger people have been suffering the most with a higher unemployment rate and lower wages than those in older age groups. But is there something else happening here? One thing I noticed as I read the many profiles of the students who were unable to find work in their field of study is that many had something in common. They had studied in a field that’s not in high demand or that’s known to offer mostly low paying employment.

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