What is a Miracle?

The dictionary defines the word “miracle” as an extraordinary, unusual or supernatural event that manifests divine intervention in the affairs of men.
When miracles happen, laws of nature are broken and a higher being is at work. This higher being is what most people usually refer to as God.
Some miracles are attributed to miracle workers, saints or even religious leaders because it is believed that God works through them.. Get all the info you need here.

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Miracle Basics

Modern Day Miracles

Nowadays, many things are considered miracles such as surviving a big disaster like a tsunami, earthquake, fire or car crash. A mother who was told that she couldn’t ever get pregnant will see conceiving a child as a miracle.
Surviving stage 4 cancer way beyond the estimated time that one is supposed to live is also a miracle. When there are problems, complications or threats, people pray to God. Surpassing these trials against all odds will then be seen as an answer to their prayers and thus a miracle.

The Basics

Of World Religions and Gods

Different people in different cultures believe in different Gods or “supreme beings”. Sometimes certain cultures even have several of them. Christianity is the most widespread religion with 33.32% of the world’s population believing in Jesus. Next is Islam with 21.01% of the world’s population believing in Allah.

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Following Islam is Hinduism with 13.26% of the world’s population believing in several Gods and Goddesses. Ganesha, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Shiva, and Durga are some of them. In the fourth spot, you have Buddhism at 5.84%.
Unlike the first 3 religions, the Buddhists do not believe in any God but rather adhere to the concept that any man can be enlightened by having a certain code of conduct and undertaking a method of mental discipline. They believe that “enlightened ones” will save all beings from sufferings. Buddha is an “enlightened one”.
He is considered by Buddhists as the enlightened father of humanity but not a God because they do not believe in the concept of God. The last 27 or so percent of the world are divided into many smaller religions.
In all these religions, there have been extraordinary events amongst its believers that cannot be explained and whether they attribute it to their Gods, supreme beings or even to nature, all these unexplained events are collectively considered as miracles.

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Miracles and Science

Many things here on Earth have scientific explanations. What were considered as miracles before may not be considered as miracles now. In the old days, it was considered a miracle when people came back from the “dead”.
Science has explained that these “dead” people were in fact just in a deep meditative state and that their vital signs were not just detected by the primitive medical instruments that they used back then. Now, with all the technology that we have, coming back from the “dead” is usually accompanied with an explanation of why or how.
Fire used to be considered as “magic” or a “gift from the Gods”. This was so until friction was explained. However, there are too many things that remain unexplainable despite all the technology that we have and perhaps these things will never be explained because they are actually real miracles.



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