Why Most People Fail With Losing Weight

(When They Really Don’t Have To)

People struggle with losing weight. Sure, there are tons of reasons for this – convenience of unhealthy food, peer pressure, lack of focus, lack of dedication, lack of motivation, lack of knowledge concerning proper nutrition…
The list goes on.
You likely know several people that want to lose weight right now, or that have tried in the past. Maybe they DID lose weight, but most people that DO lose weight end up gaining most (if not all) of it back within a year.
Marketers and the media capitalize on this niche of consumers like vultures. They hawk their latest and great diet fads, contraptions for losing weight and getting in shape with increasingly less work and effort, and worst of all: everything sounds like the next best thing.
(Yeah… if only.) With new diet and weight loss books, programs, courses, and “silver-bullet” solutions coming out every single day promising rapid results with less effort than ever, where do you even start?
Well, what if I told you that you DON’T need the latest and greatest fad or contraption? What if I told you that I can break down in just these pages exactly how to lose weight – and keep it off – without breaking your back OR the bank?

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Chapter 1:

Diet Lifestyle Reconstruction

First things first: if you want to lose weight, you need to immediately change how you eat.
If you’re not thin and lean (or at least where you want to be), then you must realize that what or how you’re currently eating is keeping you fat.
I can already hear the excuses:
“I don’t eat that bad…”
“I don’t want to give up some of the things I eat…”

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“I don’t have money to eat healthy…”
Awesome. Any more excuses? May as well get them out right now before we go on, because things need to change if you want to see results.
This isn’t a “diet”. “Diets” don’t work because we (as a society) associate them with holding back, starvation, and pain. Even the word “diet” conjures up a mental image of a half-empty plate, hunger pains, and a set period of deprivation.
Does this sound familiar?
You see or read about a new program to get in shape and lose the pounds, so you decide to give it a go. You get all hyped up to start your new program, get everything all ready and prepare your meals in advance, and do really good for a couple days.

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Maybe you even make it a week. Hell, some people even make it two. But then, one day, you wake up for work late. You didn’t prepare your meal in advance and don’t have time to pack anything before you leave.
At work on your break, your only option is fast food because you don’t have time for anything else. Either that or you’re really hungry and just want something fast, so you cave for that one meal (or two).
But that night, realizing you’ve already blown your “diet” for the day, you decide to just make it a cheat day and splurge.
Now it’s Thursday night and you’ve blown your nutrition out of the water. Mentally lashing yourself, you decide to renew your healthy vigor tomorrow.


But that next night – Friday night – you’re invited to go out. Everyone’s having a couple drinks and you obviously don’t want to be the one person out NOT drinking, so you have a drink.
One turns into two or three (or more), and after the bar everyone including you is hungry so you get something to eat. The only places open late are the greasy, fried places, but you’ve been drinking and are hungry so you say “Oh what the hell” and get something anyway.
Realizing your diet is now shot, you decide to just take the weekend off and start again on Monday. Monday will be the day; you’ll do really well on Monday…
That’s what happens to most people when they go on “diets”. They almost set them themselves up for failure before they even begin.



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