What Are Tangible Affiliate Products?

Tangible products are physical products similar to those you can purchase in retail outlets, such as DVD’s, golf clubs, vitamins, handbags, clothing etc. Affiliate programs that allow you to promote physical products can be found almost anywhere online.
Amazon is an excellent example. They sell millions of products such as books, exercise equipment, DVDs, lawn mowers, bicycles, and even groceries.
Tangible Profits Blueprint
Amazon also has an affiliate program which allows you to promote most of the products they sell through their site. Any time someone purchases a product via your affiliate link, you receive an affiliate commission.
As an affiliate you have the option of creating your own Amazon Store where you can promote various tangible products.
Now while Amazon doesn’t pay affiliate commissions for everything they sell, they do for most.
As mentioned earlier, the physical products that they actually ship to the customer are known as tangible goods, and when you promote them as an affiliate you’re simply promoting physical products instead of digital downloads.
There are thousands of merchants online who also sell all types of conceivable tangible products, and many of them have affiliate programs you can join.
One of the major benefits of promoting tangible products, either instead of or in addition to digital products, is that you effectively increase your product line.
Instead of being limited to just 10 digital golf products to promote for example, you can literally start promoting many hundreds of products to increase your affiliate income.


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An Introduction to Tangible Products!

If you’ve been trying to make money online by promoting affiliate products and programs, you may have realized by now that it’s not quite as easy as it might first appear.
However, affiliate programs can be quite lucrative and they’re a wonderful online business choice for anyone who does not want to have to deal with providing customer support, shipping and handling, stock ordering.


Now if you’re like most people who are new to affiliate programs, you probably got your “feet wet” by promoting digital products as an affiliate.
Selling digital products through a place such as Click-Bank is definitely the easiest way to get started online. You don’t have to wait to be approved by each merchant and once you start earning money you’ll receive a commission check every two weeks.
The commissions are actually quite high for digital products as well. It’s not uncommon for affiliates to earn as much as 75% for each sale.
What you need to realize though is that there are millions of other products which you can promote as an affiliate. Most of the general public who uses the internet are unfamiliar with digital products.
Technically, they usually understand software to some small extent. But the concept of the digital ebook is still quite new to them.
And it’s because of this, that sometimes selling a digital product is actually much harder to do.
To make the most money as an affiliate online you need to promote products which people are already looking to buy.
And nine times out of 10 the general public is looking to buy real products instead of digital ones. Real products are those which need to be shipped.
These are also referred to as tangible products because the customer actually has something they can touch once they’ve received it.
In the coming chapters you will learn how you can easily promote these products by “drop-shipping” and earn huge affiliate income without ever having to worry about stock, handling or customer support.



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