Study techniques usually deals with the process of memorizing data’s. Memorizing can be done by anyone. But recollecting those memorized data’s stands out as a major factor which decides the power of your memory. Here you are going to learn about memory and techniques to improve it.


What is memory? It is the result of learning process. It is the combination of three vital process namely encoding, storage and decoding. Classification of Memory:
Memory is classified as follows: .

  • Qualitative .
  • Temporal

Qualitative Memory: It is further classified into .

  • Declarative .
  • Procedural

Declarative Memory depends on our consciousness. It includes semantic and episodic memory. Semantic includes the memory of names, etc. Procedural includes memory of events such as marriage, etc.
Procedural memory is independent of our consciousness. It includes our habitual actions such as driving, swimming, etc. Temporal Memory:
It is further classified into .

  • Sensory memory .
  • Long term memory .
  • Short term memory

Memory process includes three vital processes namely .

  • Encoding – Process of reception of data’s .
  • Storing – Process of retention of data’s .
  • Decoding – Process of recalling data’s

The reasons for forgetting includes .

  • Poor listening,
  • Improper preparation,
  • Not paying enough attention,
  • Improper understanding of subject,
  • Boredom
  • Tension,
  • Nervousness,
  • Tiresomeness

Memory techniques include .

  • Mnemonics ,
  • Acronyms,
  • Associations,
  • Rhymes and songs,
  • Chunking Sentence framing ,
  • Concept cards,
  • Story method,
  • Recitation,
  • Writing with your left hand,
  • LOCI method,
  • Questioning

Mnemonics: – Using colorful images/symbols to represent information. – Create jokes on data’s.
Association: – Associate two things together. For e.g: Using car image to remember “Carlos “. – You can associate images/smell/taste with things you want to remember.
Acronyms: – Create abbreviations for things you want to memorize. – Example: 1) VIBGYOR – To remember rainbow colors. 2) IPMAT – To remember cell growth stages [I-Interphase, P-Prophase, M-Metaphase, A-Anaphase, T-Telophase]
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