While stress is part of any work related issues, excessive stress is not part of it.
When you are stressed, you are not only a magnet to all types of sickness’, you are also invoking liability and inefficiency.
This is because, when you are physically and emotionally imbalanced, your ability to deal with things is less effective and your resistance to sickness is also low.
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Chapter 1:

Stress At Work Basics


When you feel that you are overly stressed, make an effort to save yourself from total destruction and find ways to alleviate your current condition.
It is your decision that can make things better for you. Why am I saying this? Because whether you like it or not, things will even get worst in the next few days.

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The Basics

The question is, how are you going to eliminate stress at work? There are many ways to reduce stress and most of it uses a personal level of approach.
Here are some useful guidelines.
Organize your task according to its importance and time frame. There are tasks that are very important but would give you enough time to work out. Therefore, it should be listed next to the urgent and important ones.

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Once you are done categorizing, create a plan with a timeline and make sure to include a BREAK TIME and a DAY OFF in it.
Do not use your break time to finish an incomplete task. Break time is intended for your mind and body to rest. This will allow you to rest your brain and nerves as well as your body from the stressed caused by too much work.
Remember, you are responsible for keeping your physical and emotional health in good shape.

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Do not ignore any sign of fatigue because it could lead into a more serious problem. If you feel that you are overly worn-out, take a rest.
If you are feeling depressed, anxious and irritable, go ahead and rest. If you can’t concentrate on what you are doing and you are losing interest on it, rest.
If you are using alcohol and drugs to cope up with stress, stop and reflect. You have already reached the limit. Do not allow yourself to reach this far.



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