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Welcome to the exciting follow-up book on Network Marketing. In the first book, we have explored on one of the most important yet least talked about, most overlooked aspect of network marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) – Knowing how to CHOOSE a network marketing company and getting the most out of it.
Now what? Okay. I have chosen the right company. Will it really work for me? The truth would sound more like how can I make the company WORK in my favor? Remember the staggering truth that 95% of people fail in MLM? I strongly believe that among the 95%, there are sincere, hardworking people who work hard to make the business work for them, but are spending most of their time and money DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS!
This book once again is not a typical HOW TO guide. There are lots of HOW TO scattered throughout the Internet and many, many more HOW TO available from your upline and from MLM books all around the world. Yet strangely many people miss out the fact that it is EASIER NOT TO do the WRONG THINGS than learning to do the RIGHT THING.

Sounds simple?

Ironically, common sense is not common.

Avoiding the wrong things saves you the valuable TIME (some people in MLM do the wrong things for YEARS) so you can learn how to do the RIGHT things with the time you saved.
Is this practical stuff or just theory? Must I do the wrong things myself to prove that it is really wrong so I can feel it for REAL? Well, A mother doesn‟t need to go on drugs in order to prove to her child that they should AVOID drugs now, don‟t they?
Remember that in MLM, just like in real life that we must learn from the mistakes of others. We don‟t all the time in the world to make all the mistakes ourselves!


What Network Marketing is NOT

  • It is NOT an INVESTMENT PROGRAM! Just because you bought a business opportunity, it will forever be a business „opportunity‟ and not a business if you sit and do nothing. This is not Unit Trust or Mutual funds or a Fixed Deposit Savings Account. The money doesn‟t grow by you becoming a distributor. The more you invest doesn‟t mean you will necessarily earn more.
  • It is NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! Those who make it big in MLM within a short time are the EXCEPTION to the NORM. Do you have what they have? (The experience, built trusts, contacts, paid the price) Everyone who has made it had all paid the price.
  • It is NOT totally a SALES RECRUITMENT PROGRAM. Some like to sell. Some are salespersons, being good in sales will not make you succeed in MLM.

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  • It is not MUSICAL CHAIRS. It is never about whom gets there first, sponsor a few people then sit down and watch the group build itself while the latecomers miss out on the opportunity forever. Remember that if the downline works harder, they will eventually earn more than their uplines.
  • It is not a 9-5 JOB. In a 9-5 job, some people get away without doing any work sometimes (they still get their salary). But it is very obvious in Network Marketing that what you GIVE is what you GET.
  • It is not a CLONING MACHINE. I am not down playing the need for uniformity and like-mind direction but remember that EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. Different people have a different personal touch when it comes to recruiting. Their relationships with their prospects vary from groups to groups.
  • It is NOT a 100 METER DASH. It is a marathon. Business builders must pace themselves over a period of time. Going „all out‟ to the point of exhaustion is just bad because it is the quality of the work that counts, not the quantity. Don‟t „close the back door‟ or jump into the deep end without a float.


  • It is DEFINITELY not a RELIGION. Please never ever treat your business like it is the ONLY business worth getting into (friend, if you don‟t get into MY MLM and if you join others, you are not my friend). They are NOT losers if they don’t join you! Please don‟t ever, EVER do this. You will lose a lot of true friends.

Common Mistakes to Avoid For Newbies

Trying to understand everything
If you are new in your business and you sit down for days (some even take weeks before they make their first phone call) trying out the product, reading all the company brochures, understanding every single calculation about the compensation plan, memorizing all the names of the management in the company (I think we get the idea)…

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This is a VERY SLOW way to get started in your business.
Your business is like riding a bike
(1) You don‟t learn to ride by reading the best manual on riding
(2) You don‟t learn until the moment you start peddling
(3) You learn by falling down
(4) You also learn how not to fall down after falling down the first time



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