It’s Easier Than You Think…

Most people who are new to the Internet, or even some who have been around for a while, believe that they can’t create their own ebooks (or CD‟s, videos, etc.) because they can’t write.
There are also a lot of ‘so-called’ gurus or experts who want you to believe that it’s more difficult than it actually is.
In this report you‟ll learn that you CAN create your own ebooks and other products. And that you can do it fast! It doesn‟t even matter if you have any writing experience. Your main challenge will be to prove that you‟re an expert on the topic you‟re writing about. But don‟t worry; creating your own product will be easy once you learn the shortcut and tips outlined below.
It‟s about perspective. Imagine if you‟d never seen a bicycle before and then suddenly you saw someone riding one. You‟d think, wow, that‟s incredible, there‟s no way I can do that. But you can. Sure it‟ll take some practice and some instruction. And for the first bit, if someone runs beside you – that would make it easier. That‟s what this ebook is, it‟s that first help you need to be on your way. Writing something that‟s marketable is possible and you can learn how. It‟s just like riding a bike.
The trick really is to just get started. An empty page will kill your creativity. Just start writing and let your thoughts flow. At the beginning, don‟t worry about spelling, grammar, sentence structure or formatting. Just get the information out of you. The editing comes later. If you edit while you write, you‟ll interrupt your flow of ideas.
You could also try recording yourself. Talk freely and imagine you‟re talking to a friend. Give advice about the subject your writing about. Then, when you‟re done, you can type it all out into your computer, or get someone to transcribe it.
You don‟t need to be an English major to write an ebook. In fact it‟s better if you‟re not. The best writing and the easiest to read is conversational. Write the way you talk to a friend, and don‟t try to impress with fancy words. Then, read it out loud. This is super important. You‟ll find things you won‟t see by reading it silently. And before you know it you‟ll be adding, editing, and moving content around. You can also hire a college student to edit it for you, if you‟re not comfortable doing it yourself. Ebooks that feel like the author is talking to the reader are the most helpful and easiest to read, even if a comma is in the wrong spot. Perfect can be perfectly boring. So don‟t get hung up on grammatical details.


Another Alternative

If you still want an easier or different way to do it, hire someone else to write it for you. You can go to a site like elance.com and find a ghostwriter.
Hundreds of marketers are releasing products every day using the above strategy. They didn‟t write a word of it, and they not even an expert on the subject but they are still making profits from it! It’s the easiest way to start into this business and begin making money quickly!

How To Create Products In A Matter Of Hours!

Creating products is easy; all you have to do is break away from the limitations of the ‘standard’ way of creating things.

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In other words, you don’t have to do all the work yourself! In fact, if you get a little creative, you won’t have to do any of the work!
You don’t even have to know a thing about the subject that you’d like to create a product on.
The tips and strategies provided below will definitely get your brain firing on overtime. 😉

Interview An Expert

The fastest and easiest way to come up with a high-value product is to interview an expert on the subject that you want to write about. How do you get this expert to talk to you? Easy, you ask them. After all, by using their name in your ebook, they‟re getting free exposure and publicity. Plus people are flattered when they‟re asked to be interviewed; it‟s a compliment on their talents. Your interviewee will enjoy talking about their area of expertise, it‟s their passion, and they‟ll love sharing it with you as long as you appear enthusiastic and gracious.

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You can also interview several experts and compile all the interviews into one product, in order to cover different angles and strategies on one subject. Or, you could pick a general subject, break that up into sub-sections and then interview an expert for each sub-section. For example, if you’re creating a product on ‘Internet Business Success,’ you could interview an expert on product creation, another on copywriting, one on marketing strategies, and so on. Your interview can include a set of specific questions, or just one question that requires a detailed answer.
You could also ask the expert to offer you a step-by-step plan that readers would be able to follow to get to their goal. The easier you make it for the reader, the more likely will he be to buy your product.
There are various formats you could choose to conduct and publish the interviews. You could simply send the questions to them via email and publish the answers into a report or ebook format. You could also choose to meet the expert one-on-one and record the



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