You casually wake up on a late Friday morning, after plenty of rest. You needed the rest after seeing your favorite band in concert last night. The music was phenomenal. The food and drinks at the restaurant beforehand were incredible. You and your friends had a blast.
Your friends had to get up early for work, but you knew you could sleep in as late as you wanted to. You drink your morning coffee. You check your email. You even catch up with a couple of shows on your DVR. You aren’t stressed. You’re relaxed, and you take a moment to just appreciate the life you’ve created for yourself.
Now, some days you love to get up and work for eight hours straight. You feel great when you put in a hard day’s work, but last night you had already decided that this isn’t one of those days. Today you want to take it easy. You want to have some more fun, yet you still plan on making some money.
You start browsing the latest products on the affiliate site that you frequently visit. You’re looking for a product that will really help the 20,000 people on your main email list. There’s the perfect product. You’ve been researching it a lot over the last few days, and you’ve made up your mind that your list of subscribers can really benefit from this product. Today will be the day that you tell them about it. This product has a high EDC, or earnings per click, so you know the sales page converts well.
You type up a fun and informative message to your list. You give them a couple free tips like you usually do. You then begin to explain to them what this product can really do for them. At the end is your call to action and your affiliate link. You’re done. All of this took less than an hour.
You spend your day doing the things you love to do. You might go to your regular surfing spot, or you drive up to the mountains, and the powder is just right for a great ski or snowboarding session. You could go see that new movie everyone is talking about before meeting an old friend for lunch at that new downtown restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. You might just want to relax at home and finish your favorite author’s most recent book. The choices are endless.



The story in the previous section is not a fantasy. Lot’s of successful, full-time marketers have days like that all of the time. I frequently have days where I make plenty of money while spending my time doing the things that I love.
So, why do you need a list? For starters, having a large and responsive email list is the fastest way to bring in massive amounts of money. Instead of having to figure out where you’re going to find new customers, you already have a large list of potential customers. In fact, many of them have probably already bought from you and are willing to buy again.

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If you have created a new product, you can release it directly to your list and often it will make a lot of money on the first day. You can do the same with a great affiliate product. If you regularly promote extremely valuable and high quality products to your list, subscribers will buy them. It’s that simple.
Eventually, you will start to think of your list as an ATM. Need money for that cruise you’re taking next month? Find a product through an affiliate program to sell for instant commissions. Want to buy that car or motorcycle you’ve had your eye on for a while? Create and launch a product of your own.
If you are an internet marketer and you are not capturing email addresses for your list, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Start building a list today, and take advantage of this amazing method. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through and show you the secrets of exactly how I build my lists.



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