“Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes, it brings good cheer”. And what better than to make your own decorations and gifts!
Children as well as adults can get involved in creating new homemade Christmas decorations and gifts and the decorations could probably end up as family heirlooms, not to mention the fun involved for everyone in the days leading up to Christmas.
This book aims to provide you with the ideas to create your own Christmas decorations and gifts as part of the happy celebrations of the holiday season.

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Homemade Christmas Decorations

Making your own Christmas decorations can be fun, not just for you but for the kids too! With all the stresses involved in shopping, dinner planning, parties and school plays, making your own decorations can relieve that stress and help you save money. It also allows you and everyone involved to be creative and you may even start a new family tradition that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Advent Calendars

Make your own advent calendar using felt as pockets and fill each pocket with candy. You will find templates if you do a search on the internet or you can purchase a kit at your local craft store or from Amazon.

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One of the things you can do is take some plain colored glass balls and use some spray glue to sprinkle on some glitter, jewels, buttons, or sequins. These supplies are readily available at craft supply stores. While you’re there you should pick up some ribbon, stickers, felt, yarn, and fabric scraps as well so that you have plenty of different options for decorating with.
Material such as felt, fabric scraps or ribbons could be used to cut out special shapes such as hearts or stars and then glued onto the glass balls. You can also cut out some Christmas pictures from magazines or old Christmas cards and use them to make some beautiful papier mache ornaments.
Get the kids involved in making things – you can find ornament-decorating kits at crafts stores that allow you to cut out shapes, and then paint or color them. You can also make decorations with ordinary construction paper, some glue and glitter, crayons or paints! You should have everyone put their name on whatever they create, as it will make for wonderful memories in years to come.

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There are other things you may find lying around the house that you can use as well. These could be things like old small toys that you can tie ribbon to and hang on the tree, or you may have some old jewelry, marbles, or maybe some colorful rocks.
A large number of families have small Christmas signs or pictures throughout their home during the festive season. These signs and pictures often state a Christmas message or have a picture of Santa. Your children could easily make their own paintings or drawings, often with the supplies that can already be found inside your home.
Your child’s picture would likely look great on your refrigerator or you could even frame the picture and hang it up somewhere else inside your home. This type of Christmas decoration craft project is ideal for children of any age.

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Food can be used to make ornaments such as popcorn string, which is always a big hit! Gingerbread is also a traditional Christmas item in the form of Gingerbread Men or a Gingerbread House. Kids will love to help decorate these with different types of candy, sprinkles and icing.
When making Gingerbread Men, be sure to make a hole at the top before you bake them so that you can run some ribbon through to hang onto the Christmas tree.
Another fun Christmas decoration that your children could do is make a centerpiece for your dinning room table to be used during Christmas dinner. You can do this by purchasing artificial flowers, a large bowl or vase, as well as other decorative items.



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