Inline skating is a recreational sport and is fast gaining popularity worldwide. In line skates are usually equipped with 2 to 5 polyurethane wheels which are arranged in a single line. Get all the info you need here.

In-line Skating Made Simple
Mastering In-line skating easier and more fun
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Chapter 1:

In-line skating is really easy


The design is made to accommodate more speed, better maneuverability and balance.

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The Basics
The inline skating is usually found in a few popular venues such as tracks specifically designed for the purpose of inline skating, at skate parks, urban area and off roads.
Besides being a leisure activity, some people actually include in a form of inline skating that is rather aggressive in nature.
In-line Skating Made Simple

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There are three major types of aggressive inline skating which would be hard boots, soft boots and skeletal skates.
There is usually a lot of competitiveness between the inline skaters as most of their abilities are a result of hard work.

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However there is still some, interest in this sport due to the other contributing factors.
The modern style of inline skating has since replaced a lot of ice skating, and this is probably due to the easy accessibility of the sport and more venues where is can be exercised.




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