Lessons from a Student of The School of Phenomenal Memory.
What follows is a review of what I’ve learned as a student at The School of Phenomenal Memory. Included are my overview of how the brain memorizes, what students of the school can expect, and the benefits of intensive memory training on concentration, meditation, education, and for those with focus or attention difficulties. I am halfway through my lessons and want to share the benefits of intensive memory training with others.


Memorization is a Skill, Not a Talent

Most people, after only a few months of training, can easily and quickly memorize a book, script, or play. Not only that, but with proper training, a person can easily memorize a lecture, obscure, abstract information, and learn a foreign language to a fluency level in months rather than years. It is even possible for most people to memorize a long list of random numbers and information in just minutes, after proper training.
This is because memorization is a skill that can be developed and learned. As with any skills, such as typing, reading, or writing, the skill of memorization requires practice and training to enable the brain to perform it at an optimum level.
To be able to memorize in this way, the brain must be developed in a couple of areas: visualization, concentration, focus, and attention, as well as in the skill of creating visual and auditory connections (which is, itself, the skill of memorization.) To understand how developing these abilities of the brain work to improve the memorization skill, it helps to understand how the brain memorizes.


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