We cannot do without friends. But we cannot do with the wrong friends either.
We come into this world with several relationships thrust upon us. Friendships are God’s way of allowing us to choose our own people that we remain close with. With friendships, we have a choice. We must make the best use of it.
There are two sides to this story. On one hand, some people think they always land with the wrong people. On the other hand, there are people who think they can never make friends.
Are any of these your story? Read this sensitively written eBook to see how you can begin rating high on the Friend-o-meter.

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Are You Really Ready for More Friends?

Every person that thinks about having more friends must first find the answer to this question. If you are thinking you must really have more people to hang around with, you have to think whether you can afford to be with them. There are various things that may not make things conducive for you. These are the few aspects you have to really think about first.

Will you be able to spend time with them?

The first and the most important investment you have to make in any friendship is time. You have to be there to start and nurture the relationship. Your business or other things might run on automation, friendships and relationships don’t. If your current schedule does not permit you time to even have two proper meals a day, how would you build a friendship? In such a case, you have to free up some time first.

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Is your personality ready?

Yes, you have to prepare yourself, or rather, you have to prepare the person you are so that you can win more friendships. Now what does that mean? In some cases, your mind is ready to make friends, but your personality isn’t. Maybe you have some traits because of which you lost some friendships before. Maybe you are too pushy or too complacent. Maybe you didn’t care. You have to work out these issues first. You have to make sure that the problems that crept in your previous friendships don’t creep in your new ones.

Is your mind ready?

If you want to make new friends, you have to be mentally prepared. You have to be ready to feel happy, care and be cared for, feel emotional and such. You have to be ready to open up your mind. If you have a secret, you will probably have to tell it to your friend one day. Are you mentally prepared for all of that? Make sure you are before allowing new people to enter into your mental space.

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Are you ready for the commitment?

All right, these are not romantic relationships, but even friendships take some kind of commitment, which is just as solid as the romantic ones. You have to commit to be there for your friend. You have to be as good a friend to them as you expect them to be there for you. You have to make absolutely certain you will do what it takes to retain your friendships.



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