Going green is one of the hottest topics explored today. Almost everyone is into this new “fad” and this is of course a very positive behavioral pattern if correctly nurtured. Learn how here.


Going Green Basics

There are several areas that can be linked to the going green exercise. Below are just some areas and corresponding recommendations that can be associated with the going green venture.

The Basics

Educating one’s self is perhaps the first and most prudent step one can take when venturing into the going green platform. There is a lot of information available on the various aspects of going green such as green thinking, environmental efforts, sustainable living and many others.
Changing one’s mindset of traveling options. It is a known fact that the various modes of transportation today require some form of fuel or another, therefore switching to other more environmentally friendlier options like walking, cycling, car pooling, mass transportation systems is a step in the right direction.
Energy options that are more eco friendly are also another avenue worth exploring. This may include the need to use alternatives like solar panels, fuel cells, building integrated wind turbines, using flux capacitors and many other innovations.

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Learning to be conscious about the amounts of unnecessary water consumption which is mostly due to wastage is a very important element that needs to be addressed seriously and quickly.
Though the general perception is that there is more than enough water in the world because of its comparative ratio, it should be realized that water fit for human consumption is fast depleting and these amount are irreplaceable.
Food wastage is also something that is not addressed with the level of seriousness it deserves. The world population is growing faster than its food rations, thus causing a severe shortage in time to come. Looking for ways to consume or harvest only what in needed should be the message of the day.



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