Email marketing is one of the most profitable businesses you can participate in on the web.
After all, most people use their email more than their phone these days and it’s changed the
way people do business around the world. Because email is global this means that through
email marketing you can profit from people all around the globe, not just in your area. The world
is where the power of email marketing comes from.
For marketers, it’s hard to determine whether their product or their mailing list is more important.
The wise, and typical, business person would put their product at number one, but if you really
think about it – you would have no product if it weren’t for marketing. You have to have demand
to have a profitable product and email marketing allows you to develop that demand. In fact,
your product will do poorly without the right advertising campaign to back it and sell it. It is not
uncommon to find numerous product owners on joint venture forums search for people who are
selling advertising space so that they can get their products out on the market. This is another
area where email marketing is in high demand.
The other great thing about email marketing is that you don’t have to be a person with a
product. If you are able to build a large mailing list, you can sell other people’s products and
profit off of affiliate programs and commissions. You can also profit from selling advertising
space to the product owners of the world. In fact, many profitable newsletters or ezines were
started before there was product.

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Chapter 1

All About Ezines

Email newsletters, or ezines as their commonly referred to, has several advantages. The main
advantage is that you can make money by utilizing them. The second main advantage is that
they are incredibly simple and easy to use. You don’t need any special printing supplies,
because your ezine is delivered electronically to your customer’s and potential customer’s email

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The Ease of the Ezine

An ezine is something so simple and easy that you can publish them from the comfort of your
own home. The most important thing that you need is an autoresponder that features broadcast
capabilities. Autoresponders are available through companies such as GetResponse.com and
aWeber.com. They are great when publishing your own ezines. When you compare the startup
costs of an ezine to that of a brick and mortar business, you will be extremely surprised at
how affordable they are. You can also make that money back easily by selling advertising
space and informative products through your ezine.

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Ezine Drawbacks

Just like any other business, there are going to be a few drawbacks in this business as well.
These drawbacks, however, can be easily tackled and should not be a reason for you to not
decide to pursue having your own ezine. Ezines only really have one main drawback, but it has
a simple and quick fix.


The main issue that ezine publishers deal with is the creation of the content for the newsletter.
You can write your content, but if you’re not a writer by skill or heart, then this can be



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