Ideally all parents should have an idea of what to expect at various development stages their child is going to experience.
Armed with this knowledge, the parent will be better prepared to ensure this development is experiences with the least possible problems as possible.
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Development Basics


Through the knowledge gained on child development, the parent will be able to help the child when things are not going as it should be or it will allow the parent to pull back if they are expecting too much from the child at any given stage.

The Basics

Information on the activities and achievements will usually be quite well documented for the parent to make easy reference should they need information.
There is also information on how to direct the child to ensure the proper development targets are reached successfully and effectively.

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Most of the information available on the development basics of a child would be focused on the following aspects:
There would usually be an approximate timetable on the prenatal development that would be the ideal benchmark to measure against.
There would also be information on the normal stages of child development which would ideally be broken into stage of about 5 years each, starting from birth.
There is also information available on the general development sequence to be experienced from the toddler stage through to the preschool stage.
These stages would also cover information on various levels of the intellectual, language, social interaction, physical, and any other development that would be deemed important by the parent.
This is especially useful for the parent who is concerned about ensuring the child’s growth rate is according to the norm and does not want to be pressured into forcing the child to grow in areas where there is no need for such pressure.



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