Which Home To Choose?

After you have looked into all of your options, you will be wondering which home to choose. There are many ways to find the home that is right for you. When looking at homes, you should keep these criteria in mind:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Neighborhood
  • Mortgage payments
  • Repairs, and
  • Additional features

While this is a short list, throughout this book you will learn other ways to find your dream home. In the end, you will just know when you have found the right home.



If you are currently living in an apartment or renting a house, you may be thinking about buying a home of your own for yourself and your family. This can be an exciting time. Looking at properties, deciding whether to buy a home or build a new one, and finding financing will take up a lot of your time.
There will be a long list of things you will need to do before you buy a home. This list includes:

  • Finding the right neighborhood
  • Finding a home that is big enough
  • Finding the features you are looking for
  • Choosing the right size yard
  • Choosing a realtor
  • Understanding the housing market
  • The ins and outs of home inspection
  • Financing
  • Making an offer, and
  • Reading contracts


This list does not include all of the decorating, home improvement, and other decisions you will have to make once you have purchased the home.
If you are a first time home buyer, you will be nervous about finding the right home, investing money on a down payment, and being approved for financing.
Once you have found a home, it will usually take between two or three months before you will be able to move in. In the meantime, you should plan the following:

  • Moving arrangements
  • Home inspections
  • Yard sales
  • Budgeting for paint and other supplies
  • Taking time off from work, and
  • Finding a lawyer if necessary

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Proper planning will help you transition into your new home much easier than if you wait until the last minute to deal with these details. If you are planning on moving yourself, you should find a few friends or family members that will be willing to help as soon as possible.

New Homes vs. Older Homes

Another decision you will have to make is whether to buy a new home or look for an older one. Most first time homebuyers usually buy an older home, but this should not deter you from visiting a few builders to see what they are charging for the size home you are looking for.
Older homes may cost less, but they can be riddled with problems. In this book, you will learn what to look for when viewing a home, what to include in your purchase offer, and what to expect from a home inspection. There are many older homes that will need only minor repairs.



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