Don’t know how to beat your competitors? Then, you have to make the right move! Beating your competitors cannot be done in just a few clicks of your fingers.
You have to apply the best marketing schemes and improve your business strategies.
Whether you are new to business or not, it is easy for you to achieve the peak of your success.
For your guide, get all the info you need here! Make your business resolutions and focus on your goals now!


Chapter 1:

Business Resolutions Basics


Achieving business success is not as easy as you think. Before reaching your goals, you have to focus on the things that you need to do and refrain from doing things that can affect your business operations.
To achieve one’s goal, most business owners prefer to make their own resolution. If you are one of them, you should know how to create an ideal one. You also need to understand the real significance of business resolutions and how effective it is.

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Business Resolution Meaning and Characteristics
A business resolution is a formal expression of a decision, action, opinion and transaction. Every year, business people create their own business resolution to improve their operations. It is also one way of taking their business into the next level.
In making a business resolution, it takes time and effort. Your business resolution should be filled with ideal concepts. It is also best to ensure that you always follow your resolutions whatever it takes.
For your guide, here are the different characteristics of a business resolution that you shouldn’t miss to consider:

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  • Specific – In making a business resolution, make sure that it is specific. Say for instance, you need to indicate that you have to reach a certain quota for your sales every month. As advised, don’t make multiple resolutions all at once.
  • Measurable – Depending on your goals, you have to make a resolution that is measurable. Therefore, it is best to describe how each result will be measured. If your resolutions are not measurable, it is hard for you to track your progress.
  • Acceptable – Not all business resolutions are effective. Some business owners neglect to follow their own pledges. If you don’t want to be like them, you have to ensure that your resolutions are easy to achieve. So, it is best to ask first yourself whether you have the tools, resources or skills needed to achieve your goals.

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  • Realistic – In making a business resolution, you have to be realistic. It means that you have to guarantee that you can reach your desired goals. Say for instance, if it is impossible for you to operate 24-hours a day, you don’t have to change your business schedules.
  • Time-frame – The best business resolution has its own deadlines and endings. Say for instance, you can set a weekly or monthly period goal. You also need to ensure that you are following your business plan to avoid any problem.

After knowing the different characteristics of business resolutions, you are certain that you can reach your goals. Like other business owner, it would be easy for you to improve your company operations. You can also easily meet the demands of your customers.
Following your business resolutions is quite a tricky task. Sometimes, you will be tempted to do short-cuts or refrain from doing your usual activities. But, if you are highly motivated and eager to reach your goals, you will do the accurate and specific ways.



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