Automated Result grading system is focused on creating an automated students result grading system using Bootstrap and JavaScript for frontend, PHP  for server-side and MySQL Database for backend. The manual method of students’ academic result processing was found to be tedious, especially when carried out for a large number of students, this makes the entire process time-consuming and error prone. The system presents a single platform that will be used to manage the processing of all examination records within the institution. The data used for testing was obtained from the college of agriculture as a case study, and an empirical evaluation of the system shows that the system expedites the processing of students’ grading results and the reporting of it.



Progress report has always been an important element of the academic episode for every student. It plays an essential role by advising the parents of the students concerning their progress in school.  Subjectively, it presents as the comprehensive measure of a students’ success in the realm of academe. A report card generally encompasses a program of courses, school manners and other stance areas superseded by grade the student obtained in every extent.
Webster dictionary defines grading in education as the process of applying standardized measurements of varying levels achievement in a specific course. A grade has always been the mirror of the performance of student for every course accomplishment within a given term. It represents the result of performance evaluation of a student that depends on the criteria requirement set by a certain institution such as class participation, quizzes, and examinations. Grades are directly derived from scores a student earned which is normally presented in percentage, these scores are then transmuted either into letters or numbers using different cut off percentages that vary from institution to institution.


In essence, grading is an exercise in professional judgment on the part of lecturers. It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on students’ achievement or performance over a specified period of time, such as twelve weeks, an academic semester, or entire school year. Through this process, various types of descriptive information and measures of students’ performance are converted into grades or marks that summarize students’ accomplishments.


Although some educators distinguish between grades and marks, most consider these terms synonymous. Both imply a set of symbols, words, or numbers that are used to designate different levels of achievement or performance. They might be letter grades such as A, B, C, D, and F; symbols such as  NA+, NA, and NA-, descriptive words such as Exemplary, Satisfactory, and Needs Improvement; or numerals such as 4, 3, 2, and 1. Reporting is the process by which these judgments are communicated to parents, students, or guardians.

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Dashboard Automated Result Grading System
Dashboard: Automated Result Grading System

Compute Result Form: Automated Result Grading System
Compute Result Form: Automated Result Grading System



Checking Result Form : Automated Result Grading System
Checking Result Form : Automated Result Grading System



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