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The best advice I can give you is to read everything over once. If you can, do it in one sitting, then re read it again. Then, read the sections again that you are not sure about, and if you can, get someone else to read it as well, and both of you make notes.
There are plenty of website links in this book so it probably is best to read this book while you are online so you can see exactly what I’m talking about through out the book.
What This Guide Is About And Who It’s For
The money is in the list, the money is in the list, the money is in the list, how many times have we heard every guru on the planet say this? Hundreds, thousands?… And with good reason!…
The money IS in the list! And in this book I’m going to show you how to add thousands of quality subscribers to your list without spending a fortune in the process.
So let’s get started!..

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List Building Secret #1 – Make Your Content Relevant Keeps Your Subscribers Happy And Boosts The Amount Of People Who Will Recommend Your Newsletter To Their Friends.
One of the biggest problems I see newsletter and ezine publishers having online is that they write about subjects no one in their market is interested in. They just write about whatever they think people want to know about without doing any of the research, which is a huge no no.
Another problem is, publishers who have a market well defined don’t then write the content in their newsletters that interests their readers. There is no use having an ezine on coin collecting and running articles on stamp collecting just because you couldn’t be bothered finding the right content for your ezine.
This is easily overcome. Just send out an email asking your readers what they want to read. Also sign up for other ezines in your market and see what they are writing about.
List Building Secret #2 – Add More Subscription Boxes To Your Website
Sounds simple enough, but few people actually do it. If you have a 100 page website, you should have 100 newsletter subscribe boxes on your website.
You can integrate a subscribe box just about anywhere in a website. You could add one just before an article starts, in the middle of an article or even at the end of the article.
As long as you have good content on your website, you won’t have a problem getting people to subscribe to your newsletter.
An interesting way to do this for a content site is as follows.
Have a look at this website and see what he does to get subscribers, it’s very clever.


List Building Secret #3 – Offer An Outstanding Bonus Or Gift
I’ve had a problem in the past with offering freebies to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, but I also know it can work well, if done properly.
Why do I have a problem with it? Well I really want subscribers to be signing up for my newsletter because they want my newsletter not because they want the freebie im offering.
The best way to offer a freebie is to create one yourself and not something you have reprint rights to with 500 other people. You want it to be unique, and you want it to be something that plugs your newsletter heavily.
Do you know what makes a good bonus? Back issues of your newsletter!
List Building Secret #4 – Use Free Viral Ebooks To Get New Subscribers
Want to get thousands of new subscribers for your ezine without spending a cent on advertising and you’ve tried all the methods above but you still want more?
Viral marketing is the way to go! Writing viral ebooks that get passed around
Writing viral books is nothing new, but it’s still a great way to get your newsletter noticed.
There are a few methods you can use when creating viral ebooks.
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You can either create them as a free product, or charge for them and give people the reprint rights to the product so they in turn can give your product away while making some money in the process.
I prefer the reprint right route. The key here is , once the momentum of the first book wears out, write another and another and another and another! All in the same method, all with reprint rights and all with your newsletter subscribe from plastered in them.
The goal really isn’t to make money from the sales of the book, it’s to get more subscribers.
So again, find a group of publishers in your markets, let them know you created a new ebook with sales letter that they can use and plug straight into their website and give them a mailing promotion to use and tell them they can have the book for free and that they can either sell the book or the book and the reprint rights to their customers.
This is easy money for them and more subscribers for you!
Doing audio interviews with experts in your field also is a great idea to get more subscribers. I’m not going to get into how to create audio products as that’s a whole other book, but interviewing experts over the phone and recording it on mp3 will get your newsletter splashed all over the Internet, especially in fields other then Internet marketing where people don’t expect to get this much quality information for free
When you take marketing tactics from the Internet marketing field and apply them into other niche markets where they have never been seen before, you will get noticed more. Everything has been done in the Internet marketing field, we are all immune to even the most brilliant marketing tactics as we see them almost everyday, but other niche markets eat these things up.
Creating audio interviews isn’t hard at all equipment wise and finding experts to interview is a piece of cake.
Do you know how I find experts in any field almost instantly?
Well most FAQ pages at FAQS.Org/faq/ have who its written by and an email address for them. These guys are obviously knowledgeable in their fields, and they would make great experts to interview.
Tell them you want to interview them because you’ve read information they’ve written and it was great and you think your subscribers would appreciate the information.
Most will do this without charging you a cent if you are outside the marketing field, they will just get a thrill out of being interviewed.
Once you have these interviews, tell all the publishers you’ve been in contact with recently that you have this great set of mp3’s just completed and you want to offer them for free to their lists.
Setup a section on your website with the download link to these mp3’s and also put a subscribe form near them for your newsletter and you will be surprised how many people will sign up AFTER they listen to your mp3s.
Don’t make is so these people have to sign up for your newsletter before they get the mp3s.
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