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CRITICAL THINKING- Consider the Verdict Sixth Edition ( )

CRITICAL THINKING- Consider the Verdict Sixth Edition

Critical thinking is a valuable skill: whether you are deciding which courses to take or career to pursue, what toothpaste to use or what stocks to buy, which candidate to vote for or which cause to s...

Vision-2020-100 Great Business Ideas

Vision 2020 – 100 Great Business Ideas

This is a book about some of the best ideas used in business. Some are simple—sometimes almost embarrassingly so—while others are based on detailed research and brilliant intellect. Most are perennial...

4o days to discover God's big idea for your lig by myles munroe

40 Days to discovering God’s big idea for your life

This devotional journal is a continuation of the concepts and principles presented in God’s Big Idea. God’s idea originated in the mind and heart of the Creator and was the motivation and purpose for ...