10 Reasons Why Graduates Are Unemployed or Jobless For Years

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Recent findings from public surveys conducted shows that millions of graduates (below 40 years) are unemployed or under-employed.

Why? Many people say government caused it all. But i disagree with them because even in developed nations of the world like UK, USA, Germany, Spain etc, there are still millions of jobless youths. Though, past and present leaders have failed in the area of job creation but the truth is that over 80% of reasons for joblessness are personal. Then, what are the real reasons for joblessness.

Below are 10 personal reasons for joblessness;

(1) Lack of discovery of individual potentials

(2) Wrong choice of academic or career pursuits

(3) Low creativity and innovation

(4) Wrong public opinion

(5) Personal sentiment

(6) Laziness

(7) Over dependence on corporate jobs

(8) Get rich quick syndrome

(9) Unwillingness to serve others or start small

(10) Ignorance of available job opportunities.

Are you presently unemployed or under-employed? Conduct a thorough self examination to see if one these reasons are the cause and amend your ways.

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